Kitchen Cabinet Quality

Kitchen Cabinet Quality


How do you judge the quality of your kitchen cabinets? Well, the answer to that question depends on your definition of quality. Some people would say that a cabinet is good quality while others may call the same product cheaply produced. There are a few things to think of when determining how you feel about the quality of a cabinet. What material is it made out of? What material are the shelves made of? How thick is the cabinet box and how thick are the shelves? Do the drawers hold up to your standards? What finish does it have?


Cabinets can be composed of a few different materials, the most common being Plywood, Particle board, or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Plywood is considered the top of the top- it is the strongest of the three options and the best choice to look for. Particle board comes in second place . It is covered with melamine, a vinyl laminate layer, or wood veneer. It is more susceptible to damage than plywood. MDF falls into last place because it is easily damaged by water and the board itself is heavy, putting more pressure on the cabinet frame. It is an engineered wood product that is made up from wood fibers that are pressed together. Even though it falls in last place, it is still a top choice for rental properties or mudrooms. Plywood is the best choice for shelves to prevent the shelves from sagging. Glass dishes shouldn't be used on MDF shelves, because they can't withstand the pressure after long periods of time. Plastic plates and dishes would be best on MDF shelves.


The thickness of your cabinets plays part in how sturdy and reliable your cabinets will be. When looking for a sturdy cabinet frame, you should search for box reinforcement such as corner braces. If a box is 3/4" thick, it is in the higher quality range. 5/8" is decent, but anything less isn't commonly recommended.


There are many factors to consider about the drawers. Dovetail Construction is usually considered the "highest end" type because it is extremely durable and long lasting.