Hickory Cabinets in the Kitchen

Hickory is one of the most beautiful hardwoods for kitchen cabinets. They have a wide range of colors, making them incredibly versatile, and they can last a long time. Many kitchen additions can help highlight naturally beautiful hickory kitchen cabinets, so let’s look at ten different ideas.

Glass Doors

Adding glass doors to your hickory kitchen cabinets can make your home feel more open and roomier. Glass doors help the room feel larger because your line of sight doesn’t stop at the cabinet door. It allows the space within the cabinet to feel like it’s part of the room instead of being cut off. Being able to see more of the room will enable you to relax and feel like the room is larger than it is. It feels easier to relax in your kitchen.  

Stone Backsplash

Adding a stone backsplash adds to a homey farmhouse or cabin aesthetic that is often associated with hickory kitchen cabinets. Like hickory, a stone backsplash can come in a wide variety of tones. You can mix up light and dark tones for a contrasting effect or have all darker tones for a more profound, homey style. Stone backsplashes aren’t just limited to rustic farmhouse-style kitchens, though. Stone backsplashes can also be used in more contemporary designs, even modern ones.  

Soft Lighting

Soft lighting features work well with wood-based kitchens. The softer light makes you feel more at ease and is easier to be in than harsh fluorescent lighting, especially if your kitchen already receives a lot of natural light. Soft lighting gives you room for a wide variety of lighting fixtures, whether you want a chandelier, ornate, antique fixtures, or something sleeker and more modern. Countertop lights can be helpful for preparing meals, and accent lighting can help highlight the natural beauty of your kitchen’s wood features.  

Dark Countertops

Dark countertops help a kitchen feel more grounded, more like a home, not to mention the work well with soft lighting. When used in conjunction with hickory cabinets, dark countertops can help make a kitchen feel like a cozy, comfortable gathering place. They work incredibly well if you have a large kitchen with plenty of space and a gathering spot like an island. The kitchen will feel smaller, warmer, and your guests will feel right at home. Dark countertops work well with both lighter colored cabinets for a contrasting look or with all darker tones.  

Wood Flooring

It’s only natural, right? If you want a cabin or farmhouse style kitchen having hardwood floors goes well with your hickory cabinets. You can use similar wood patterns and coloring for a consistent look or go with contrasting colors to draw attention to your beautiful cabinets. Hardwoods such as oak or cherry are durable for the constant foot traffic, or you can go for distressed pine for a more rustic look.  

Stainless Steel Appliances

I know this sounds like a stretch, but hear me out. Contemporary and modern-styled kitchens incorporate hickory kitchen cabinets while maintaining sleek looks. Hickory cabinets aren’t just for rustic looks. Simple styles, such as our Hickory Shaker cabinets, can seamlessly work with modern-looking appliances because of the timeless, simple shaker design.  

Hanging Pots and Pans

Using open wall space to maximize storage helps contribute to many kitchen styles, not just rustic aesthetics. Hanging pots and pans combined with natural hickory cabinets help make a kitchen feel homier. The hanging pots and pans emphasize that storage space is valuable, that the kitchen is used, and that it’s actually home, not just a decorated room.  

Antique Styled Handles

If rustic is your aesthetic, antique handles are the way to go. Antique handles help give your hickory kitchen cabinets character and depth that they won’t have with modern-styled handles. Using old-fashioned handles in your kitchen, especially on your hickory kitchen cabinets, helps the complexities of modern life melt away as you feel like you live a simpler life in a simpler time.  

Contrasting Colors

Letting everything in a room blend together is pleasant, but some contrast comes in handy to highlight features like your beautiful hickory kitchen cabinets. Contrasting light and dark colors can make a kitchen pop, making it look impressive and drawing the eyes where you want them to go. Eyes are usually drawn to darker colors, so if you want people to focus on your hickory cabinets, it’s best to surround them with lighter shades and tones, so they stand out the most. Having darker-colored wall cabinets also makes your kitchen appear taller. By drawing everyone’s eyes up, the kitchen appears and feels taller than it is.  

Marble Countertops

Marbled countertops work great with hickory kitchen cabinets because of the wide range of styles they work with. You can use a tan marble countertop that matches the color of the cabinets to give your kitchen a rustic or contemporary look that allows natural light to bounce around, making your kitchen appear more welcoming. It also gives you the chance to draw attention to any accent pieces you may have in your kitchen. You can also contrast your countertop and cabinets with light and dark colors to make them look more vibrant.  

Hickory cabinets are highly versatile and beautiful additions to your kitchen. They fit into many different styles and come in a wide range of colors to match any tone you are trying to achieve. And their durability ensures they will last you for many years to come. Whatever style you are going for,Great Buy Cabinets can ensure you get the best cabinets.

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