7 Ways to Update your Kitchen

7 Ways to Update your Kitchen

  1. Embrace Difference

Changing up the cabinet colors is the new way that people are adding dimension to their room. By having an island that is a different color from your cabinets, you are able to separate things in your kitchen. It is also a new trend to use wood panels on your island to add more texture rather than just different paint colors. Actually repainting old cabinets is another way to embrace difference and spice things up at the same time. Mix up old and new with possibly older cabinets with the island that differ from the rest of the kitchen cabinets. Go to antique shops and find old bar stools, or bread boxes, and mix them with new light fixtures and appliances. There are infinite mixing options!

  1. Change up the Hardware

There are literally infinite types of hardware to choose from. Flat black, brushed satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, polished nickel, and Tuscan bronze are some of the most common knob finishes. There are also "special" types that are made with glass, wood, or other things. I've seen knobs made out of clothes pins for laundry rooms. From knobs to pulls, there are so many styles and designs that just choosing something new is a cheap way to upgrade your kitchen!

  1. Light it Up

Changing the lighting in your kitchen can literally change the whole atmosphere. I recently switched from "soft white" bulbs to "daylight" bulbs and the lighting is bright, closer to a white than yellow. The type of bulb you use can change how you visualize the color of everything within your house. Lighting fixtures can also make a difference. From pendant lights to chandeliers to recessed bulbs, the fixture you choose can update your kitchen and show some of your personality!

  1. Change up the Furniture

Changing your chairs, stools, or tables can change the mood of your kitchen. It is always fun to find things that look nice with your hardware or lighting choices. There are many options with furniture, just like hardware. You have options ranging between modern, contemporary, vintage, and more. You have choices between cushioned chairs, metal, plastic, wooden, and so on.

  1. Something Unique

Artwork on the walls adds a feeling to your kitchen that shows who you are. My mom's

  1. Appliances for extra Decoration

Appliances are becoming a type of accessory for kitchens now. From stainless steel to red to turquoise, appliances are now offered in a range of colors and designs and are meant to be seen in kitchens. Getting a matching set of a new toaster and stand up mixer is one modern way to upgrade your kitchen and add something unique to your style.

  1. Changing the Walls

When redoing your kitchen, a deep colored wall is the new modern choice for updating a kitchen. From Dark Gray to Navy Blue, there are many choices out there! And if you don't want to go to a deep color, others are sticking with either white or light pastel walls. Some are going way out and making one wall completely chalk board covered, which is a fun way to keep up with "to-dos". Another way to change up the walls without completely painting the whole kitchen would be to add back splashes. You can choose brick looks, small pearly looks, stone, and so many other options when it comes to back splashes. There is a new form of back splashes through "Imagio" that eliminate the use of grout. They can turn any picture or pattern you want into an easily removed back drop, and that is becoming the next big thing in updating kitchens!