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Monthly Archives: November 2022

  1. Upgrading Your Kitchen with Inset Cabinets - Great Buy Cabinets

    Upgrading Your Kitchen with Inset Cabinets - Great Buy Cabinets

    Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Want a more clean, flush finish in your kitchen cabinets? If you’re not a fan of traditional style cabinets, you may like the seamless look of ‘Inset Cabinets.’ Inspired by the work of craftsmen and artisans of the Georgian and Victorian period, these cabinets bring a unique style that many homeowners desire.

    What are inset cabinets, you ask?

    Inset cabinets are constructed to set inside the cabinet frame, giving the kitchen a plusher look. Their clean lines and lasting durability make them a popular choice. And the best part is, inset cabinets come in two styles, that homeowners love, such as the infamous shaker style and the raised cabinet style for a classic and modern look. While inset cabinets are a modern homeowners dream, they can be quite the expense because of their unique detailed craftmanship. But for those looking to achieve that desired kitchen layout at a reasonable price, there are options with inset

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  2. 7 Things the Best Kitchen Cabinet Wholesaler Thinks You Should Know - Great Buy Cabinets

    Best kitchen Cabinets

    Redesigning your kitchen layout can get quite expensive and stressful, if we’re being honest. Kitchen cabinets, in particular, can cost a pretty penny. But our Kitchen Wholesalers want you to know that it doesn't have to be! Even for high- quality products. Here, at Great Buy Cabinets, we want to give you knowledge and tips on how to prepare for you renovation venture and where to get the best bang for your buck! 

    We’re giving you some wholesaler secrets to keep your kitchen cabinet redesign fun and simple! Here’s what we want you know: 

    1. Get Quality for Less! 

    As we all know kitchen cabinets can cost a fortune. No one wants to feel like they must break the bank in order to keep up with new kitchen trends. Trying more economically friendly kitchen renovations, like RTA cabinets can make a big difference. They come with all the necessary parts and Great Buy Cabinets makes sure you have the resources you need to make assembly a bre

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