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Monthly Archives: March 2019

  1. Kitchen and Bath Cabinets - “So Many Choices”

    Kitchen and Bath Cabinets - “So Many Choices”

    Many different woods are available to choose from such as: Cherry, Oak, Birch and
    a whole host of other woods. Some of which can be laminated or thermofoiled with
    exact wood like skin.
    Doors and Drawer Fronts:
    Normally they are made of solid wood and have matching color of the cabinet (best
    However, they can be made of MDF (medium density), HDF (high density) or
    Particle Board if the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are thermofoiled.
    Cabinets are made with the boxes (carcass), Doors and Drawer Fronts, and Drawer
    Boxes. Also the Face Frame (The face frame is usually solid wood that consist of
    Rails and Stiles. Rails are the top and bottom and stiles are the two sides. This looks
    like a picture frame around the base or wall cabinet. The hinges attach to the face
    frame (except for frameless cabinets). Of course there are Drawers and drawer
    glides and shelves.
    Cabinet interiors are either matching the color and design of the exterior or a
    natural maple look. Either is acceptable as the same quality and is just a matter of
    customer preference. Usually it is not a choice except for the cabinet line you
    choose. The exterior is always skinned with matching exterior color or laminated
    with wood like design.
    Trim such as molding and toe kick are always matching the exterior and are
    usually solid wood.
    Many times cabinets are referred as all wood or solid wood. All cabinet boxes are
    made of plywood or particle board or furniture board but normally it is plywood.
    Great Buy Cabinets sells only wood, no particle board.
    The doors and drawer fronts as well as the face frame are normally solid wood.
    Hardly ever is the box made of solid wood, even though they are described as such.
    The box (carcass) is usually skinned with the same wood type as the front. It will
    look very natural matching all the cabinet parts.
    Pine is the only soft wood used in the cabinet making business. Sometimes knotty
    pine for the cottage look. By the way, look at our shaker hickory for the best
    cottage .

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  2. Difference in Standard Overlay and Full Overlay Cabinets

    Difference in Standard Overlay and Full Overlay Cabinets

    There are several choices to consider when a homebuyer is choosing options for their home, one of which is kitchen and bath cabinets. A homebuyer can choose from different styles, colors and wood types. An additional option that homebuyers must also consider is whether they want standard overlay or full overlay cabinets. Often times, a homebuyer has not considered this option and may not understand the difference

    Standard overlay cabinets (also called traditional overlay) tend to be less expensive and do not require hardware (however hardware is used more function ability and decoration) because there is enough finger space on the side of the cabinet door or drawer face. They also have more exposed face frame, with at least 1 ¼ inches on all sides of the doors and drawers.

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