13 Rustic Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas - Great Buy Cabinets

If you’re into warmer tones for your home design, then Rustic Kitchen Cabinets might be something to consider. Rustic cabinets bring that countryside, cabin vibe and provide an inviting feeling into the kitchen scenery. That’s why they can be a great addition to a kitchen design. There are many ways to dress up rustic cabinets in the kitchen, so Great Buy Cabinets wants to share a few ways to style your rustic kitchen cabinets in your home.

1. Mixing Rustic with Modern

Although, rustic tends to give off a country/ farmhouse vibe, that doesn’t mean it can’t be paired with other design styles to create a unique look for your home. Mixing modern with rustic is a cool way to showcase a combined look of classic and chic. Pairing rustic with the modern design can look like many things. You can have all white shaker cabinets with aged brass hardware or style your countertops with a wood cutting board. The details of the classic wood will bring a warmer tone for a more natural look when paired with a modern design.

2. Two-Tone Cabinets

Two-Tone Cabinets

Here’s where being indecisive about a color scheme can pay off. A two-tone cabinet look is a elegant mesh of two colors placed at opposite sides of the spectrum. For example, placing a darker toned cabinet like blue, at the top of your cabinets and a lighter toned rustic wood at the bottom of the cabinets. Styling your cabinets like this will allow you to bring your personality out in your kitchen through color, while also giving a very eclectic and chic feel to your kitchen design.

3. Country Style

One of the easiest designs to pair up with rustic cabinet is a country style home. Wood grains bring out that countryside aesthetic, so it’s a simple set up. But if you’re trying to make the country style your own, then rustic cabinets are versatile enough to dress up or down. Traditional country homes have lighter or darker wood cabinets, but there are many tones of rustic to choose from. A light grey rustic cabinet will look great in a neutral tone kitchen and will still give a traditional country style feel too.

4. Rustic and Metal

Many traditional homes are seen with light or dark shades of wood, with minimal hardware details. Metal hardware pairs well with the rustic look and brings out the fine wood aesthetic. Detail your cabinets with a metallic gold handle. And don’t stop there! Your hardware should always coordinate, so changing your light fixtures, sink handles & faucet, and other appliances to match your metal of choice is always a great decision.

5. Rustic Appliances

Not many consider rustic as a style for appliances but it’s possible for some. Appliances like your range hood or even your fridge are possible to get customized for the rustic wood look.

6. Rustic Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island is a trend that will never go out of style. Adding the rustic finish to your kitchen island can make all the difference and really help your island to stand out. Bring the natural tones of wood to the center of the kitchen for a clean, country style.

7. Rustic meets glam

There are a few ways to dress up the rustic cabinet look and pairing it with a marble countertop is an elegant way to go! It is possible for rustic wooden cabinets to give off a classy impression, when styled properly. The detail and elegance of marble or granite countertops give just the right mixture of modern and contemporary. A darker wood cabinet would pair well with a white granite countertop. Also, adding accessories like your kitchen chairs and the fine details in your décor can make all the difference as well.

8. Rustic Glass Cabinet Doors

Nothing is impossible with rustic material. You can achieve the same cabinet style, as you would with traditional cabinets. With rustic cabinets glass doors, you can opt for a beautifully detailed rustic frame with inserted glass or you can have an all glass base. The choice and style is yours!

9. Rustic Accents

Take the rustic look as far as you want! Rustic wood is a classic style that is often seen as traditional. So, cute wooden accessories should be easy to find and place around the kitchen. Not all wood accessories have to match, but it is good to get similar tones of wood, so that your color scheme is not greatly impacted. Get convenient spice jars with wooden lids, wooden cooking spoons, or even wooden dishware.

10. Mixing Rustic Woods

Mixing different wood grains is doable, if done right. You always want to make sure that whatever kitchen design you’re going for is conducive with your kitchen color palette, cabinets included. So mixing wood grains is no different. If you’re going for a mixed wood, then pairing it with other wood types should be fairly simple. But if your kitchen cabinets are a particular shade of wood, then going with a darker wood with your appliances and accents might be a good choice. Keep in mind that darker colors, however, tend to make your kitchen area seem smaller than it is.

11. Colorful Rustic

Even though rustic is usually known for its wooden features, you can still choose a color rustic for your kitchen cabinets. Light blue, grey, and cherry red rustic kitchen cabinets are a popular choice.

12. Rustic Shaker Cabinets

Achieve rustic wood design in the infamous shaker style cabinets for a look that you can’t resist. The shaker style cabinets are already a popular choice but paired with the wood of the rustic look, it brings depth and outline to the cabinet design. Our Rustic S

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