5 Reasons to Choose RTA Cabinets for Your Kitchen

RTA, or ready to assemble, cabinets are all the rage at the moment, and it makes sense. They have a plethora of benefits. They are kitchen cabinets that are shipped to you without being assembled. Because they aren’t assembled before shipping, making the whole process easier. From their affordability to their easy installation, these are the top six reasons why many people choose RTA cabinets.


The top-selling point for RTA cabinets is that you get the same quality cabinet at a much more affordable price. The materials for quality cabinets aren’t cheap, but a large portion of the cost comes from assembling the cabinets. Removing that cost can give you more wiggle room in your budget.

At Great Buy Cabinets, you can save $300 when you choose the same kitchen cabinet, color, material, and everything, but order it as RTA cabinets instead of assembled. Our Midtown Gra

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