Kitchen Remodeling

You’re excited to get your kitchen to remodel project underway finally, and you’ve planned a checklist of everything you think you could possibly need for the project to be completed -- so you think. But, here are five things that you do not have on your remodel checklist but should!

Anticipate Delays

Sometimes delays are inevitable, but don't let delays detour you from having the kitchen makeover of your dreams! Bad weather, late material shipments, emergency hospitalizations, there are countless reasons why your kitchen remodel project may get behind schedule. A good way to be prepared for delays is to plan for them on your checklist before they can happen!

Have extra time in your schedule so that you have a flexible timeline. For example, if you must postpone a major part of your kitchen remodel project, try other smaller projects to do in the meantime. For instance, creating DIY accessories or shopping for appliances to match the aesthetic you

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