How to Accessorize Your Kitchen

How To Accessorize Your Kitchen Accessorizing your cabinets is easy to do and it truly spices up your kitchen. Wine racks and stem glass holders have always been a must in television shows, so you ought to have those as well! The wine rack adds a pattern of diamond shaped boxes within your cabinets that gives your kitchen an elaborate look. Something else that is a must is trashcan inserts. they are the perfect way to hide your trash and make your kitchen classy! Roll out trays are what you need to give you a better chance at organizing your drawers. Lazy Susan inserts also help to make your life easier, they make it easy to store things with a rotating shelf. Corbels and decor legs provide a certain aesthetic look that is desirable in any kitchen. Different molding options provide a seamless look and a beautiful touch to your cabinets!Wine Racks A wine rack can usually vary in price from $130-$180. It is perfect to store your favorite wines where your guests can admire them! Stem Glass Holders Stem glass holders aren't available in as many cabinet lines, but they are interchangeable because they are usually a solid color. They often range in price from $145-$190. Plate Racks Plate racks are very simple but useful as well. They are simply rods in a boxed in area, similar to the size of a wine rack, where you can store plates vertically. It isn't only for storage but for decor as well. Trash Can Drawer Inserts Trash can drawer inserts make it easy to keep your garbage where it belongs- out of sight. It offers the ability to easily slide your trashcan out just by pulling open a drawer. You can choose to have an insert for a single trashcan, or a double. The double is perfect for recycling. these are often used in laundry rooms to hide dirty laundry! They rang in price from $290-$310. Roll Out Trays Roll out trays make the most of your space. Most trays cost around $50, but the price can increase depending on the style of the cabinet. Lazy Susan Inserts Lazy Susan pieces automatically come in the Lazy Susan base cabinets, but they are also available to be inserted into diagonal wall corner cabinets. Corbels and Decor Legs Corbels and decor legs can be costly but they can make your kitchen look like a scene in a fairy tale!  Corbels can be places in various places throughout your kitchen, and decor legs can go just about anywhere on base cabinets. They add intricate detail and design to make your kitchen a dream come true! Molding There are various moldings to choose from, and they add a little bit of extra detail and personality to your kitchen at a low cost! From Crown molding, dental molding, scribe molding, and more, there are so many options for you!