Hickory Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Suppose you are considering a kitchen cabinet makeover. In that case, you not only want a lovely finished product, but you also want a solution that is long-lasting and rugged. For the perfect combination of beauty and brawn, consider using hickory for your kitchen cabinet makeover.


What is Hickory wood?

Hickory is a hardwood tree in the walnut family. Used in everything from furniture to flooring to smoking meat, hickory is harvested from trees that grow primarily in the Eastern United States. Hickory wood is identifiable when stained by its visible graining and ranges in color from nearly white to reddish-brown. You may also see knots, burls, and random pinholes, all of which add visual interest to the finished product.


What are the properties of hickory wood?

As the term hardwood suggests, hickory is a substantial, rugged material that takes on everyday knocks with ease. Its inherent flexibility makes it especially shock-resistant. Because of its rustic character, even if your hickory shaker kitchen cabinets get dented by an accidental collision, the marks actually can lend more beauty to its exterior. But if you needed to, the hardwood cabinet doors could stand up to some minor refinishing.

Hickory Shaker kitchen cabinets are also a low-maintenance option. All they need to be happy is an occasional wipe with a soft, dry cloth or a quick rub-down with soap and water for everyday spills. Although they probably would not say no to a lemon oil spa treatment now and then!


What colors go good with hickory shaker cabinets?

Hickory Shaker kitchen cabinets are the perfect answer for the country, lodge, or other rustic decors, given their natural variances in grain. A medium to dark stain plays nicely with either light or dark countertops. It is an excellent match for granite, quartz, or other stone finishes.

But that does not mean your design choices are limited. It is a perfect time to experiment with color. Hickory is typically considered a warm-toned wood, with red or yellow undertones to the finished product. Pick a shade with similar undertones for walls or accessories to enhance your cabinetry’s beauty; golden yellow, rust, or burgundy would work nicely. Contrasting colors like sage green or light lilac will play off of the warm hues of the finished hickory. And neutrals like ivory, tan, or taupe are excellent neutral choices that let your cabinets be the star.

The inherent patterns found in hickory keep your kitchen from appearing too clinical and dull. In fact, the natural warmth of wood kitchen cabinets helps make your space inviting and homey. The only place hickory wood may not be welcome is smaller, galley-type kitchens, where the extra texture might look too busy.


Why is a Hickory shaker a good choice for kitchen cabinets?

Is your kitchen part of an open concept that includes your dining and living areas, complete with a vaulted ceiling? Then you may also be looking for a kitchen cabinet solution that can help dampen the din. A natural sound absorber, wood helps buffer the extra echoes for large, open spaces. As hickory is a dense, solid wood, it can help with your space’s acoustics more than lighter woods or metal.

Hickory Shaker kitchen cabinets are a beautiful and durable way to upgrade your current space for years to come. Start bringing your ideal kitchen to life at Great Buy Cabinets.