White Shaker Cabinets

When reviewing your kitchen cabinet renovation options, you may dismiss Shaker White kitchen cabinets as dull and unattractive. Nothing could be further from the truth! With their clean, smooth design and bright, neutral finish, these beauties could become the foundation of all your kitchen design dreams!


Shaker Basics

So, what exactly are Shaker cabinets? The Shaker style features cabinet doors that feature a flat, recessed center panel and square edges. Also, there is minimal detailing or scrollwork on the doors and drawer fronts. Shaker cabinet designs are often symmetrical and straightforward, making them versatile and timeless. And because of their simple design, they are an excellent choice for the home remodeler tackling RTA cabinets for the first time. 


Timeless Investment

Maybe you are remodeling your current home with plans to move on and wonder if Shaker White cabinets might look a bit too clinical. No way! In fact, white cabinets are something of a kitchen staple, standing the test of time. You can’t say that about, say, appliance colors!

As a matter of fact, the clean backdrop of white cabinets allows homeowners to change up the remainder of their kitchen’s color palette on a whim; white will always match. And if you are thinking of resale value, the current trend for cabinetry is light-colored neutrals, so you really cannot go wrong!


Optical Illusion

Suffer from a galley kitchen with no windows? White Shaker kitchen cabinets perform daily magic! Their simple design keeps your eye from focusing on the small details that cabinets with intricate scrollwork can have. All of these tiny shadows trick your eye into believing the space appears too crowded and may even appear messy.

But the real trick is what white brings to a crowded, dim space. A natural light reflector, white surfaces will catch and bounce light around your room. The result is a bright and airy feel, and dare we say, a bit less cavelike than it would appear with a darker shade.


Décor Chameleon

Are you the type who has kitchen towels and accessories that coordinate for every season? Or perhaps, you like to change up your wall color every few years? Then white kitchen cabinets are perfect for you. A clean, neutral white base is the ideal backdrop for your mercurial tastes without having to do a lot of retrofitting.

Even if you are more wedded to your everyday look, keep in mind that Shaker White cabinets play well with several different looks. Mimic a commercial kitchen with stainless steel appliances and counters. Go industrial with brickwork, black metal fixtures, and a hanging pot rack. Visit the country with butcher block counters and open shelving on the wall cabinetry. With a solid backbone, your options are endless!


Easy Versatility

Just because Shaker White cabinets start life a bit plain and unassuming does not mean you can’t kick up their panache a bit. Accent your sleek designs with a bit of scrolled crown molding, corner corbels, and over-sink valances. Add drawer pulls and knobs to match your look (and keep fingerprints at bay).

Shaker White kitchen cabinets are a smart choice for upgrading your space. Versatile, timeless, and sturdy, they are the perfect RTA cabinet for both the beginner and the seasoned pro. Start designing the kitchen of your dreams at Great Buy Cabinets.