Get Ready to Remodel: Navigating Black Friday Kitchen Deals

Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday Sale at Great Buy Cabinets is bringing the heat this year! Starting on November 11th, take 20% off on our cabinets, site-wide. You do not want to miss this, it’s our best deal yet!

Items to Pick-Up During Black Friday

There are a lot of ongoing deals and discounts during the holiday season, but what should you actually spend your hard-earned money on? Let's face it. There are only so many flat-screen TVs we can buy every year. How about making a purchase that will give your home a facelift! Our number one suggestion is to invest in our top-of-the-line RTA kitchen cabinets!

Black Friday Sales are the best time to save on large purchases like cabinets. Considering that most people do not remodel during the holidays, the best time to take advantage of great deals is in the upcoming weeks before Christmas. You can definitely have the kitchen of your dreams by the new year!

Great Buy has high-quality, stunning cabinets that come in a large variety of styles that you’ll love. We carry two styles of RTA kitchen cabinets, framed RTA and Euro-Style RTA cabinets. The framed style is available in a wide range of colors and you can get coordinating base cabinets, wall cabinets, oven and pantry cabinets, trim and details, accessories, and even bathroom vanities. There are more than 40 different framed RTA kitchen cabinets to choose from, varying in color, finish, and style.

The Euro-Style RTA cabinets are perfect for creating that modern, sleek feel with it’s frameless design and clean lines. There are 6 different options to choose from in a variety of neutral shades, so we know you’ll find just the right one to complement your design. Not sure about the color or style that will best suit your space? No problem! Simply order a sample of the style you want to test out to see how it would look in your space.

RTA kitchen cabinets are already such a cost-effective option, but combined with this Black Friday Sale and the beautiful look of these cabinets, you truly could not ask for a better deal. These ready-to-assemble cabinets are all about value, and they look just as beautiful as expensive, custom-made cabinetry. Keep in mind that although RTA cabinets are the best option for remodeling on a budget they’ll need to be assembled upon delivery.

Aside from RTA cabinets, large appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers are also great items to purchase during this time! These items are some of the most expensive items you’ll need to purchase for a kitchen remodel. Taking advantage of huge blowout sales is the most cost-effective way to get exactly what you want, at the best price possible. GBC has a fabulous range of brands and styles to choose from, so you can truly create the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Items to Hold Off On

While large appliances and RTA kitchen cabinets are a must to cross off of your list during this time, small appliances you should wait on for now. Things such as toasters, coffee makers, and microwave ovens should not be the top priority at the moment. It’s also wise to wait on buying any building materials, like wood, paint, and caulking. Why? Well, if holiday sales in past years have taught us anything, it’s that smaller items and appliances are not as heavily discounted as larger appliances. Instead, it’s better to wait a few months until another sale comes around (and it will trust us) with a larger discount on the items you are in the market for.

Design Your Dream Kitchen With Us

Is the idea of remodeling your kitchen putting you over the edge? Let us help you with the hard stuff! The first step is submitting your design request by providing your contact information to our qualified team. Once you are in touch with our team, one of our talented designers will help make your vision come to life! They will walk you through the entire design process and take a majority of the weight of this project on, so you can focus on other remodeling tasks!

Within 24 hours of speaking with you, our creative team will send over a 3D rendering of your completed kitchen design for you to approve. Once we have your approval, the team will put all of the needed items into your shopping cart, so all you have to do is check out and get to work on making your dream a reality!

Don’t miss out on our Black Friday Sale! Now is the perfect time to hit the ground running on your home improvement projects, especially kitchen remodels. Let our team take the stress and pressure off of you. Trust us with the design. Begin today and get one step closer to your dream kitchen!