Kitchen Remodeling

You’re excited to get your kitchen to remodel project underway finally, and you’ve planned a checklist of everything you think you could possibly need for the project to be completed -- so you think. But, here are five things that you do not have on your remodel checklist but should!

Anticipate Delays

Sometimes delays are inevitable, but don't let delays detour you from having the kitchen makeover of your dreams! Bad weather, late material shipments, emergency hospitalizations, there are countless reasons why your kitchen remodel project may get behind schedule. A good way to be prepared for delays is to plan for them on your checklist before they can happen!

Have extra time in your schedule so that you have a flexible timeline. For example, if you must postpone a major part of your kitchen remodel project, try other smaller projects to do in the meantime. For instance, creating DIY accessories or shopping for appliances to match the aesthetic you're going for are good time burners.

Insulation For The Kitchen Walls

Insulation is an essential part of the kitchen remodel project because it helps regulate the heating, cooling, and moisture reduction to make sure your home is comfortable and stable for a long time. Therefore, it is essential to do research on insulation and document it on your checklist.

Decide When to Install Flooring 

If part of remodeling the kitchen includes installing flooring, it's a good idea beforehand to decide if it needs to be done or after installing your new kitchen cabinets. Installing hardwood floors first is an excellent choice if your cabinets will be installed on top of them. 

Floating floors, however, can wait until after the cabinets are installed because they may shift, shrink, or expand if you put cabinets on top of them. Therefore, it is better to floor around the cabinets instead.

Check Electrical Outlets 

Kitchen appliances and accessories require a lot of energy to run. Therefore, it’s essential to check if your electrical outlets are in tip-top shape. Check for any loose electrical outlets and make sure the outlets are receiving power. 

If you are remodeling the kitchen of an older home, there is a greater chance that some of the wirings may need replacement. Doing the electrical maintenance when the furniture and appliances are out of the way can make the process easier.

Some issues are simple enough to fix yourself if you are familiar with simple electrical maintenance and DIY projects. However, don't hesitate to call for professional help when facing big problems. If you decide to work on the electrical outlets yourself, make sure to take proper safety precautions.

Know When to Call for Help

When you bite off more than you can chew, sometimes you have to admit it to yourself. After that, it’s completely okay to call for help! On your checklist, include the contact information of professionals who can help you get over the rough patches of your project. If you have any friends or family who are down to help with things, include them on your list too!

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