Top 2021 Kitchen Trends with Long-Lasting Style

With 2020 being the year of staying home and 2021 starting the same way, the way that we view our homes has changed dramatically. Now is the time to create a sanctuary that not only allows you to enjoy cooking but also to entertain and relax after a long week of work and responsibilities. Functionality and design are two of the most important essentials for kitchens this year. Features like finishes, colors, and the types of appliances you place in your kitchen will make an important difference. There are lots of trends you'll be happy you kept up with for your kitchen, and we've gathered a few of the top ones for 2021.


You can never have too much color in your kitchen. Whether it's your decor, appliances, or a fun accent wall -- color is a trend to follow for kitchens this year. More specifically, warm colors for kitchens are in right now and the traditional white decor has been removed from the number one spot. Currently, colors like beige, aqua, and orange take precedence over white and neutral colors

These colors bring about feelings of warmth and comfort, which are essential when it comes to gathering with loved ones around the dinner table or when you're enjoying a nice cup of tea in the morning before a busy day. According to color experts, these colors are also equivalent to the colors of comfort foods and bring about a sense of familiarity. Complement these colors with golden accents or natural wood tones and pieces. Remember, white kitchen cabinets will never be out of style.


Due to being at home more, it's important to incorporate more storage in your kitchen. This is a big trend we're seeing for the new year as more people are stocking up on non-perishable items and incorporating more health conscious-products-into their meals.

TWO places you'll want to add more storage in your kitchen are the pantry and the freezer. These places allow for more long-term storage and keep many food items from going bad quickly. Having these storage spaces also allow more counter and cabinet space for appliances like your blenders, juicers, and air fryers. Freezer and pantry storage also allows for additional cabinet space for seasonings and cupboard items. While your pantry comes with built-in shelves, you can get creative when organizing your pantry with fun decorative items and personalized labels.


Create a sense of paradise with a kitchen island that expands up to 24 feet in size (if your kitchen allows for that). We love kitchen islands because they are such a diverse staple in the space. They serve many different purposes and can be customized to fit any decor or color schemes you have.

Kitchen islands are versatile as they allow you to meal prep, cook, and store food, they also can be a place for you to sit and work or have a quick bite to eat when the kitchen table is too crowded. Kitchen islands can also be renovated to have bar stools and modern seating at them to accommodate multiple guests or family members when you want to host a large gathering.


Ready to go green? This is definitely a trend that's coming into 2021 and beyond. Being more environmentally conscious and friendly is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve energy around your home. This concept goes beyond just eating green, you always have to implement initiatives in your kitchen to bring this concept to life.

A few ways to achieve a more sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen is to incorporate a water filter, install energy saving lighting, and swap out your plastic containers for glass containers. Avoiding the use of toxic chemicals and using organic cleaning products is also a way to have a healthy kitchen. Even when it comes to appliances, ditch your gas stove for an electric stove top and only run your dishwasher when it's 100% full.

Eventually, these fixings will become more than a trend, but a lifestyle change that more people will incorporate into their lives.


Nothing brings a kitchen to life like an elaborate or unique light fixture. Put a spotlight on your kitchen's features and style with a light fixture that captures the essence of it all.

Swap out the traditional fixture in your kitchen with a chandelier or woven fixture to add character to the space. This is a big trend for 2021 as we continue to stay home, creative light fixtures allow you to enjoy your space more and serve as an accent decor piece at the same time. Opt for clean lighting with vibrant overhead fixtures that luminate your kitchen island or add a chic yet modern light fixture that brings an artistic touch to your space.