Entryway Seating and Storage Cabinetry

A bench and cabinets is perfect for your front or back doors. It is the ideal place to take a seat and kick off your shoes! There are plenty of storage opportunities. If you create an area similar to this at your front door, it is the perfect place to store shoes, purses, jackets, and keys. You can choose between open shelves or cabinets with doors. If you leave an open shelf in the center, it can be the perfect place to sit dog or cat food bowls where you don't trip on them! If its near the back door, which is usually near your laundry room, it is perfect for storing your tide pods and fabric softener! Either way, these seating areas are the new trend that people are dying to have. These "Entryway Benches" add something beautiful to your house and they are easy to create with just a few cabinets! With multitudes of colors to choose from, these cabinets are a quick and easy project that is at the top of my list!