Achieving the Farmhouse look with White Cabinets

Looking for that "Farmhouse Kitchen" look? Here are some thoughts around how to create the look, get the goods and possibly convert what you have! For most of us our kitchen is THE gathering place in our home, so we want it to be attractive, accessible and comfortable. We want that welcoming feel that is warm and inviting. Many of the farmhouse kitchens that we see today include a white kitchen. So how do we get that "warmth" with white cabinets? First, let's look at why white is so popular"White has stood the test of time because it's clean and fresh," says award-winning designer Mick de Giulio, of de Giulio Kitchen Design in Wilmette, Ill. "And those two words - clean and fresh - are classic words for describing a great kitchen. There isn't a better way to approach design." Did you know white regularly tops the list of the most popular kitchen colors in the National Kitchen and Bath Association's annual survey? 67% of respondents said that white was their first choice for cabinetry. It simply refuses to go out of style. And that means it's marketable and great for re-sale reasons. White just "Feels Good" Color therapists say that white has positive vibes; it represents happiness, innocence and purity. As the brightest color, it reflects light and makes even small kitchens feel spacious. It's the ultimate neutral. White goes with everything, every color looks great paired with white. Light fixtures, cabinet hardware and tile accents come alive. Kitchen fads come and go (RIP, avocado and harvest gold), but when it comes to enduring value, the white kitchen is champ. Getting that farmhouse vibe One of the easiest ways to pull a white kitchen together is to combine different textures and styles. Cabinet doors can be finished out with beadboard or doors can be glass front instead of solid. Mixing and matching styles on an island is another way to bring in a more comfortable style. As an example, you may want to use a butcher block top on your island, while using granite or quartz on your main kitchen area. Another way to mix it up is to use open shelving in place of upper cabinets. This is a popular style for both kitchens and bathrooms. Butcher block shelves with iron brackets brings out the open, casual look while breaking up the white cabinetry. Maybe you are not investing in an entire re-do. Perhaps fresh paint, a new island, maybe updated lighting or accessories is what is needed. Changing out countertops, adding new hardware or flooring are other options to consider. Accessorizing Bringing it all together with classic, vintage accessories really makes these kitchens come alive. Whether it's some weathered signage on the walls, apothecary canisters, vintage scales, or just a simple dough bowl with some granny smith apples, these simple pops of color and interest will make your white cabinets even more classic and timeless. These cabinets are RTA Aspen Beadboard Cabinets .