What cabinets are here to stay ?

What cabinets are here to stay? When re-designing your kitchen, you want to choose something that will last. You shouldn't be worried that your kitchen will be out of style in five years. So what shouldn't you get? If you are worried about staying in style, you don't want to go with a rich brown or cherry cabinet with a raised center panel. You can go with espresso- but not a milk chocolate. If you aren't worried about what is popular, go with whatever you like. This is your kitchen. What should you get? Currently, the style that everyone is raving about is the minimalist shaker. A shaker style cabinet has a recessed center panel, but other than that, it is simple with no design. This simple and clean look is considered modern, and it popular in every cabinet finish and paint, but white cabinets and grey stain are currently a top pick. White cabinets should never go out of style- but they do get dirty quicker and don't look as good as other cabinets for a long amount of time. If you want something that will stay in style for a long time, you need to choose something with a minimal design, recessed center panel, and either espresso, stained grey, white, or off white.