Natural Grey Cabinets

The New Look in Cabinetry: Grey

Grey cabinets are the "New Look" that everyone is currently raving about. Whether you're looking for a cabinet that has been painted grey or stained, you're surrendering to the new trend!

Cabinet lines that have stained-grey cabinets would be:

Faircrest's West Point Grey that has a  little bit of detail and is considered a recessed panel with limited detail. This cabinet is perfect for someone who is looking for a little bit of detail, or it could be dressed up with some crown molding. It automatically comes with soft-close dovetail drawers.

There is also Forevermark, who recently released their all-new Greystone Shaker. The Greystone Shaker is solid birch. It also consists of dovetail drawers with the soft-close feature.  It would be considered more modern than Faircrest's West Point Grey because it has a very minimal amount of detail, thus called a "shaker".

Third in line would be Fabuwood. They are the furthest behind on this grey-stained trend, because they just came out with their "Galaxy Cobblestone" and "Galaxy Horizon". The Galaxy Cobblestone has almost the exact same color as Faircrest's West Point Grey, but it is just slightly darker. Their Galaxy Horizon is an extremely light grey- but it still has the stained look rather than a painted grey.

And of course, Kraftmaid falls on this list as well as many others that have just about any cabinet you could dream of- if you're willing to pay a pretty penny for it. Faircrest, Forevermark, and Fabuwood are all decently priced brands that have strong and durable cabinet bases, so they are definitely top choices on the market right now.


Beyond the stained grey look, we have the painted grey fashion, but not as many companies have embraced this style yet. Fabuwood has a "Nexus Slate". It is medium grey that has a little bit of detail to it. It is a recessed panel much like the West Point Grey Cabinet by Faircrest. Designer's Choice has a light grey shaker style that is also a big point of interest to many customers. U.S. Cabinet Depot Has two painted grey shakers- one is called Shaker Grey, and the other is Shaker Dove. Shaker Grey is a dark and rich grey whereas the Dove is light and subtle, just a few shades darker than a white.


Whether you're going for the stained grey or the painted grey, you are going to have a kitchen that is at the top of everyone's wish list right now, and I don't see it going out of style any time soon!